Ten things you didn’t know about King Charles I

He wasn’t supposed to be king but his elder brother Henry died of typhoid when Charles was 11; Charles spoke with a Scottish accent and a stammer; When he was 23, he travelled incognito to Spain in a failed bid to woo Princess Maria Anna; His French wife Henrietta Maria was 15 when they married.Continue reading “Ten things you didn’t know about King Charles I”

The Wit and Wisdom of Marchamont Nedham

On King Charles I I will shew you more Tricks here, than ever Hocus-Pocus did at Bartholomew Faire. It will yield us at least a Month’s Sport; and I mean to anatomize every Paper, week after week, till I have gone quite through, keeping still to my old Motto, ‘For the better Information of theContinue reading “The Wit and Wisdom of Marchamont Nedham”